pokemon goAs you might have heard, Pokemon GO is now officially available in Japan. In fact prior to its release, the Japanese government already issued safety warnings to residents, letting them know that there are things they should probably be aware of when they are playing the game, but unfortunately it seems that not all their warnings were heeded.

According to the reports, it seems that the country has already experienced its first Pokemon GO-related injury. This injury took place at the Kindai University in Osaka where apparently a student fell down a flight of stairs and an ambulance had to be called due to the amount of blood lost as a result of the fall.

Based on the tweets and eye-witness accounts, it seems that the reason for the bleed is because the student had fallen and hurt his head. It is unclear how serious this injury is and whether it is a life-threatening one or just an embarrassing one that will leave a scar for the student to remember it by, but if anything it does serve to prove that gamers should be careful when playing the game.

So far we have heard various reports of people getting into Pokemon GO related accidents, like people crashing cars into trees because they weren’t paying attention, falling of cliffs (and surviving, thankfully), or wandering into minefields.

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