Back in 2011, we learnt about a fan-made RPG based on the StarCraft universe, which coincidentally enough is called StarCraft Universe. Basically if you’ve ever wondered what StarCraft would have looked like if it had been chosen to be an MMORPG instead of Warcraft, this comes pretty close.


That being said, the folks behind the game, Upheaval Arts, has announced that the game is now in open beta, meaning that if you’re so inclined, you can go ahead and check it out for yourself if you’re curious about it. The game itself is free, but since StarCraft ultimately belongs to Blizzard, its developers are asking for donations instead if you like what you see.

“Today we announce the Open Beta of StarCraft Universe: Beyond Koprulu, and the full launch slated to release one month from now! We don’t own the intellectual property on StarCraft, so we cannot sell SCU, but we ask those who are able and enjoy what we’ve done, to back us on Indiegogo, a platform endorsed by Blizzard for community developers to receive donations.”

The game has been met with challenges along the way of its development. Blizzard’s lawyers weren’t too thrilled about the project at the start, but after a change of name and some discussions with Blizzard, the company actually gave them the greenlight to proceed. The donations basically helps the developers maintain the game and we suppose rewards them for their efforts. If you’d like to fund them, there is an Indiegogo page setup for this purpose. In the meantime you can check out the game’s cinematic trailer above, and the gameplay trailer in the video below.

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