StarCraft Universe

One of the best things about games that come with official map editors or development kits is the content that comes from the modding community after the game is released. A lot of hit games have started off as small mods that gained massive success. Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, Enemy Territory and Defense of the Ancients – they all started out as user created mods that were created with the official tools.

While StarCraft II has been known more for its competitive ladder gameplay than its user-created mods, there’s one mod that really stands out from the crowd. Called StarCraft Universe, it is designed to be a MMO-like mod for SC II. Due to the limitations of the SC II engine and the tools itself, the game won’t be a real MMO like what World of Warcraft is in terms of scale. But judging by the recently released gameplay trailer, it looks like it’s capable of providing an experience similar to WoW when it comes to character creation, battling, and exploring. But hey – a video trailer is not a substitute for actual gameplay, so don’t hold it against us if the gameplay doesn’t turn out like the preview in the final version.

While it’ll still be awhile before StarCraft players get their hands on the “MMO” mod, it does have  Blizzard’s blessing to go ahead, so you won’t have to worry about the company shutting down the project halfway just because they weren’t happy with the use of its intellectual property. Watch the gameplay trailer for StarCraft Universe and let us know what you think:

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