steam_level_1000The thing about Valve’s Steam platform is that it isn’t just a portal where players can buy games. They can chat with each other, add friends to their lists, gift games, snag achievements, and so on. Basically it’s a gaming hub of sorts and players are given levels whenever they achieve certain things, and one user by the name of PalmDesert has actually managed to hit level 1,000.


To be more specific, PalmDesert has hit level 1,060 and like we said, gaining levels come from doing certain things on Steam like participating in events, purchasing games, and so on. As you can see in his profile, PalmDesert owns a whopping 5,029 games which is actually more than half of what Steam currently offers.

Just in case you were wondering, Steam is currently home to 7,481 games and DLCs, meaning that PalmDesert is more than on his way of actually buying out Steam’s entire library which we reckon he could possibly do in the future. We’d hate to think how much money he has spent buying games over the years, but we reckon that it is a lot.

Even if you were to take into consideration the possibility that he only buys games during sales, that’s still a lot of money than many of us would be willing to spend on just a game. We also have to wonder if he’s actually played every single one of them, but considering that this feature was only added in 2013, PalmDesert has been one busy, busy man!

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