Tumblr has confirmed plans to launch a new advertising program which will bring ads to users’ blogs. It’s yet to reveal the exact details of how this program is going to function but it appears to be an expansion of Tumblr’s Creatrs program which enables brands to work with Tumblr users directly instead of making advertisers deal with third-party influencer networks.

The Creatrs program was previously open to select Tumblr users but the company is now expanding it to ““any eligible Tumblr—poet, musician, fan artist, and misfit weirdo memelord alike.” Tumblr users who have eligible blogs will be able to work with advertisers directly to start generating money.

There will be a registration process that users with eligible blogs will have to go through to be selected for the Creatrs program. Tumblr is still working on the finer aspects of this partner program and the process in which users will be brought on board, more details will be provided later this year.

From the information that Tumblr has provided up till now, it appears that ads on blogs will be turned on by default and users will have to opt out of having ads being displayed on their blogs. Users will be able to disable ads on a per-blog basis.

The ads will be displayed in three places which include the main page of the Tumblr blog if it uses the Optica theme, on the slide-out section on the web as well as on Tumblr’s mobile and web apps.

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