xiaomi_redmi_note_3Are you excited to see what phones Xiaomi might have up their sleeves? If you are, you might be interested to learn that Xiaomi will be hosting a press conference on the 27th of July and they are expected to start selling tickets to the conference this coming week where they are priced at around $30.

It’s an interesting move as press conferences are usually attended by the press, but in Xiaomi’s case these conferences are apparently a way for fans to show up and to give their support. That being said, it is unclear as to what this conference will be about. Chances are we will be treated to new phones being announced by the company.

There are some who believe that Xiaomi could be announcing their new budget Redmi phone, which we guess is entirely possible. However another possibility is that we could be looking at a high-end flagship. Previously Xiaomi did state that they had plans for a $600 smartphone, a bit uncharacteristic of the company whose portfolio is below that amount.

The event could very well unveil that device, although this is just purely speculation, so try not to get your hopes up. In any case we’re about 2 weeks away from the conference taking place, so check back with us then for the details.

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