If you play DotA 2, there’s a chance you might have been following the biggest DotA 2 tournament for 2016 – The International 2016, or better known as TI6. The event has officially concluded and it looks like we have a winner who comes in the form of Wings Gaming, who some felt like was the underdog due to their rocky start.

The winning team will be taking home a whopping $9.1 million in prize money from an overall prize pool that is said to be valued at more than $20 million, which is the biggest in eSports history. Given that every year we are seeing the prize pool for The International increase, we guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise. In fact we reckon next year could be even bigger.

Coming in second place would be North American team Digital Chaos who will be going home with $3.4 million, and granted it is almost a third of what Wings Gaming won, it’s still a pretty huge sum of money. It’s actually a rather surprising win for Wings Gaming as many had initially pegged the likes of OG and Liquid to make it to the final two teams, but unfortunately that did not happen.

Veteran DotA 2 team Na’vi also did not make it, despite winning the Starladder tournament leading to TI6. That being said, if you want to see some of Wings Gaming’s highlights, do check out the video above.

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