Samsung-galaxy-S7-Edge-18_900For the past couple of years, Samsung would create two handsets for their Galaxy S lineup. One would be the “regular” version, and the other would be the version with a curved display on the sides. However that may no longer be the case because according to reports out of Korea (via SamMobile), Samsung might be going curved-only for the future.

According to Samsung’s mobile chief Dong-jin Koh, he was quoted as saying, “Samsung has considered that it would make the edge display as the identity of the Galaxy S smartphone lineup.” This is by no means a guarantee, but we have seen Samsung toy with the idea when they launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 where it only came in a curved variant.

However it is a bit early to tell if their plan was a success, but as a market watcher had said, “Samsung will not likely get rid of the flat-screen Galaxy S smartphone model right away, but if the market response is positive with the Note 7, it would surely serve as a cue for Samsung to focus only on the Edge model.”

We suppose economically it would also make sense for Samsung to focus on just one model, as opposed to having to manufacture multiple components, but what do you guys think? Would curved-only Galaxy S handsets be something you might be interested in? Or would you like to have the option of going flat?

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