google-self-driving-carWhen it comes to ride-share services, Uber is without doubt one of the leaders in the market, but they could be getting some competition in the form of Google. According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, they have learnt that Google is apparently launching its own ride-sharing service in San Francisco.

However Uber does not really have to worry too much about Google’s entrance into the ride-share scene. Google’s intentions, according to the report, is more about carpooling and creating a way for commuters to take part in carpools inexpensively. This is versus Uber who seems to operate more of an on-demand taxi business, but then again whose to say Google won’t expand this program in the future, right?

The report goes on to add that Google will be leveraging Waze, which they own, to connect drivers who are headed in the same direction. They will also be trying to make fares low enough so that not only can people carpool without spending too much money, but also to make the fares low enough to discourage drivers from operating as taxi drivers.

No specific dates mentioned as to when this program will launch, but apparently the pilot program was launched back in May where it took place around Google’s California headquarters, and it should open up to residents in San Francisco this coming fall.

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