nexus_5xBy now the general consensus seems to be that HTC will be making this year’s Nexus handsets. It also appears that Google will be keeping to last year’s pattern by offering up two handsets, although in this case it seems that HTC will be making both of them, as opposed to last year where we had two different companies.

If you’re still skeptical or if maybe you wanted more evidence of HTC’s Nexus plans, you might be interested to learn that thanks to a sighting by Ausdroid, they have discovered the FCC filing for HTC’s Nexus handsets. Now the FCC filing doesn’t actually give away the specs or the design of the phone, but there is evidence to suggest that these are the Nexus phones.

For starters HTC has added a note to declare that the guide they are submitting will also be uploaded onto Google’s Nexus support page. Then there is also the model number with the “G” font that looks like the “G” used by Google. Last but not least, the samples provided to the FCC were listed as production models, meaning that these models could very well be the models that we will see being sold.

It is possible that everything so far could be viewed as a bit of a stretch, but either way we have heard the rumors that the Nexus phones could be launched on the 4th of October, so do check back with us then for the details.

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