Metal-Gear-SurviveAnnounced at Gamescom 2016, Metal Gear Survive will be the first Metal Gear title released by Konami following the departure of Hideo Kojima, who many can safely say is more or less synonymous with the franchise. However instead of being thrilled, many gamers seemed to be  bit upset by what they saw in the sense that it did not feel like a full game.

The good news is that at the very least it won’t be priced like a full game, at least that’s what Konami told the folks at Polygon during Gamescom. According to the company, the game will cost less than a typical console game which is usually priced around $60. Given that Ground Zeroes was priced at $30, it is possible that we could be looking at a similar price tag, but that’s just speculation as Konami has yet to confirm anything.

In case you missed the announcement, Metal Gear Survive will be based on Ground Zeroes and will be taking place after the events of the game. Players will find themselves in some kind of wasteland where they have to battle zombie-like creatures to survive, which many have described as more Resident Evil than Metal Gear.

Konami has promised gamers that the game will remain true to its Metal Gear roots in the sense that stealth will be involved. There will also be multiplayer too and co-op mode. The game is set for a release in 2017, so do check back with us at a later date where more details will possibly be revealed.

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