The Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s display has come under a bit of fire recently. It is said to sport Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 which is supposed to be more durable compared to previous Gorilla Glass displays, but unfortunately it seems that in a recent scratch test video, the glass did not hold up as well as we thought.

Now Corning has since defended their display, claiming that the scratch marks aren’t actually scratch marks, but rather they are a material transfer from the pick to the glass, which since we can’t really test for ourselves, we’ll take their word for it. However a new video has surfaced on YouTube by Zach Straley which shows drop tests for the Galaxy Note 7, and compares it against the Galaxy Note 5 and the iPhone 6s.

Interestingly enough, once again this test has proven that the Gorilla Glass 5 does not appear to be as tough as advertised. It was the first to crack compared to the other phones, with the Galaxy Note 5 with its Gorilla Glass 4 display actually proving to be the most durable of three phones that were tested.

Now we should point out the obvious, which is that this test can hardly be considered scientific. However given that it was meant to simulate how one might drop their phones in the real world, these are the kind situations one might encounter. Should this put you off from buying the Galaxy Note 7? Hardly, but investing in a screen protector and maybe a nice durable case might be a good idea.

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