Intel CEO Brian Krzanich today unveiled Project Alloy during his keynote at the 2016 Intel Developer Forum. Project Alloy is Intel’s all-in-one virtual reality platform which has all of the components required inside the headset itself allowing for a powerful VR experience without being tethered to a PC. Intel calls it a perfect example of merged reality.

All of the computing power required for this headset is located in the headset itself. This provides the user with free range of motion, enabling them to utilize physical movement to explore a virtual environment.

It leverages Intel’s RealSense technology to provide a merged reality experience. Users will be able to see their hands and people around them, being able to see elements from the real world but still being able to use their hands to interact with elements of a virtual world will provide a great merged reality experience.


“Anybody can take the Alloy hardware, combine it with Windows Holographic, and build a world-class virtual reality system with any manufacturer they choose,” Krzanich said during his keynote.

Intel is going to open up the Alloy hardware and provide APIs for the ecosystem next year which will enable developers and partners to create their own branded products using the Project Alloy reference design that Intel has unveiled today.

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