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SolarCity, a company that exclusively deals in products that enable the average consumer to harness the endless power of the sun, today revealed that it’s designing a roof made entirely out of solar panels. It’s designing this roof as an alternative to covering an existing roof with solar panels, not only would it make the job easier but it may also bring down the costs involved in going solar.

SolarCity’s plan to make a roof out of solar panels was detailed during the company’s call with investors, Elon Musk says that it looks “way better,” and that it will last longer than a normal roof.

In case you’re wondering what Tesla CEO Elon Musk is doing at SolarCity, he’s the chairman of the company and Tesla recently acquired SolarCity. Nobody ever accused him of not being a busy man!

The roof will be integrated with Tesla’s battery packs that provide backup as an when required. The setup may potentially allow the entire home to run off solar power around the clock, particularly during the hours when the sun is not out. This integration between the two companies is one of the reasons why Musk had been pushing for a merger between Tesla and SolarCity.

This product has been designed to reverse the decline in SolarCity’s panel installations by targeting customers who need a completely new roof and are open to the idea of going solar. SolarCity is going to introduce its solar roof in the next few months, pricing has not been disclosed yet.

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