PS4 slimSo Sony has confirmed that they will be hosting a PlayStation event on the 7th of September. What exactly will be revealed they did not say, but it is safe to assume that we will be finding out more about the PS4 Neo. However could Sony’s PlayStation event unveil more than just one PlayStation?


Apparently it will. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Sony will apparently unveil two consoles. One will be the PS4 Neo which is a given, and the other is the rumored PS4 Slim whose photos leaked yesterday. The report did not specifically mention the Slim, but they referred to it as the “standard model”, while calling the PS4 Neo the “high-end version”.

Talk about a PS4 Slim has been floating about for a while now, especially with Microsoft launching the Xbox One S. Given that Sony and Microsoft’s console efforts have pretty much been neck-to-neck, it would actually be rather odd if Sony did not follow suit with a slimmed down PS4 of its own.

Apart from the fact that it appears to be slimmed down, we’re not sure what else we might be able to expect from it, but either way do check back with us on the 7th of September for all the official details.

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