pokemon goAs if driving and texting wasn’t bad enough, we now have driving while playing Pokemon GO. We’ve already heard about several cases in which drivers have ended up in accidents because they were driving while playing, but apparently that hasn’t slowed anyone down. In fact over in Taiwan, authorities are seeing a spike in traffic ticket summons following the game’s release.


About a week ago, Niantic announced the release of Pokemon GO in additional countries in Asia, and Taiwan was one of them. According to the local police, they have issued 1,210 tickets for smartphone use since last Sunday and Monday, with 1,100 of the tickets being issued to scooter riders.

According to Yen San-lung, head of law enforcement in the traffic division of Taipei’s police department, “The whole country is using their smart phones like crazy playing this internet game. When driving, it’s easy to be distracted when using your mobile phone and this causes accidents. So the police will enhance efforts to fine drivers who use their mobile phones.”

In fact this is even after Niantic had updated the game to include driving warnings, but we guess some people just won’t learn. The fines range from around $32 for scooter riders, while car drivers will be faced with fines of around $95.

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