Amazon does not own and operate tens of thousands of stores across the globe and yet in many countries it’s the first place that many people check out when they want to buy a new product. There’s a reason why traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are working super hard to compete with this online retail giant and one of the methods that Target employed four years ago was to ban sales of Amazon tablets and e-readers through its stores. Four years have passed since the ban and the retailer has now resumed sales of Amazon hardware.

Amazon Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, and Fire TV devices are already being sold through and the devices will be available from the retailer’s brick-and-mortar stores by October this year.

Target banned Amazon hardware back in 2012. Since Amazon tablets make it very easy for customers to purchase stuff from the online retail giant, many viewed this move as a way to rid Target stores of a proverbial Trojan horse.

The move made sense to other retailers as well. Soon after Target stopped selling Amazon products, Walmart followed suit. Why did the company have a change of heart?

“Target continually evaluates our assortment to deliver quality products at a great value,” it said in a statement provided to Bloomberg.

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