A couple of weeks ago, Valve showed off a new hero for DotA 2 in the form of the Monkey King. Granted the hero is based on existing mythology, but it is basically the first original hero that Valve will be adding to DotA 2 come this fall. In the meantime, DotA 2 players will be pleased to learn that they can play another hero while they wait.

Valve has recently announced The Dark Rift update along with the release of a new hero called the Underlord. This hero was announced the same time as the Monkey King during The International DotA 2 tournament, and basically it is the equivalent of the Pit Lord hero in the original DotA. It has been suggested that the change of name is due to concerns over getting into a legal dispute with Blizzard over copyright.

According to Valve’s description of the Underlord, “Conjure waves of abyssal flame to immolate enemies held paralyzed in your spiteful grip. Feast upon the carnage of battle, gaining strength as foes perish around you, their attacks diminished by your very presence. Tear a rift in reality to teleport yourself and your teammates across the map, delivering bloody retribution to any who would defy the will of Vrogros the Underlord.”

They have also described the hero as being a support hero, durable, a nuker, a disabler, and a hero that can help teammates escape unfavorable situations. The update should already be live so if you are curious as to how the new Underlord hero plays, fire up the game to check it out. In the meantime you can check out the Underlord in action in the video above put together by DotaCinema.

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