You might have heard that the Republican candidate for president Mr. Donald J. Trump recently conducted an Ask-Me-Anything or AMA session on Reddit in which he answered a dozen questions while the moderators banned some 2,000 accounts. Your Democratic presidential candidates are willing to answer your questions online but they are taking a slightly different approach. Hillary Clinton and her VP pick Tim Kaine will be doing a group Q&Q session on Qoura.


This Q&A session will be hosted on Quora’s aptly titled “Sessions” platform which will be used to hold such Q&As, VP pick Kaine was actually one of the first guests to conduct a Q&A on the Sessions platform.

Quora promises more of these sessions with notable politicians, authors, economists, doctors, and others now that the platform is up and running. The session with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her VP candidate Tim Kaine is now open.

As one might expect, the session’s top question so far is “how will [Clinton] address Trump supporters’ major concerns?”

You can head over to Quora right now to put forward your questions and hope that they are answered by Clinton and Kaine when they get down to providing answers in the session on August 8.

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