With the launch of every iPhone, it’s pretty much a mad dash to try and get your hands on one. This has resulted in the creation of scalpers in which they will queue up for the new iPhones, buy them, and resell them at a higher price to those who missed out on the opportunity to get their hands on one the legal way.


This problem seems to be particularly rampant in countries like Hong Kong and China, and it has been speculated that this could be why Apple has changed up its exchange and refund policy in Hong Kong. According to the new policy, Apple will no longer be allowing customers to return or exchange their Apple or Beats products.

It is unclear if this change in policy is temporary until the iPhone 7 rush dies down and supply is back at normal levels, or if Apple plans on making it permanent. Like we said, it is possible that this change was instituted as a way to deal with scalpers. A report from the South China Morning Post revealed that some shopkeepers have offered to pay HK$20,000 for the 256GB jet black iPhone 7 Plus, which normally retails for HK$8,288, which means that when sold to customers we can only imagine it will be much more.

In the past we have encountered reports in which smugglers have been caught trying to smuggle iPhones due to its popularity and demand, and it looks like fast forward to 2016, that has not changed. It is a problem but we suppose in a way, Apple can take some comfort in knowing that the iPhone is still a hot commodity.

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