facebook_star_trekWhen Facebook introduced their new React buttons, it represented a new way for users to show how they feel about certain posts, whether they Like it, Love it, feel amused, sad, angry, or amazed. However it seems that these new React buttons have shown how Facebook could potentially use them as marketing tools.

In a post on Medium (via The Verge), Facebook Messenger’s marketing lead Lindsey Shepard unveiled new Star Trek-themed Like buttons in celebration of the franchise’s 50th anniversary. According to Shepard, this was designed to give Star Trek fans a way to show off their fandom.

“In our custom set of reactions, ‘like’ stays true to form but with a little added sparkle, and ‘love’ is represented by the Vulcan salute. We also think it makes sense that Kirk, as the first captain, is first up after ‘like’ and ‘love,’ and that a Klingon should be the ‘angry’ reaction given that they are easily agitated.”

These reactions are only available to fans of Star Trek (apparently you would have to “Like” the Star Trek Facebook page) in the US and Canada for a limited period of time. However like we said, it does seem to represent a great way to market new products, brands, world events, and so on, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing more themed Like buttons in the future.

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