fujifilm-gfx-50sWith many camera manufacturers creating full-frame systems, you have to wonder how come Fujifilm isn’t getting in on the action? However it seems that some hope might have been reignited when the company launched the GFX 50S, Fujifilm’s first medium format mirrorless camera, but unfortunately the company was quick to shoot down those hopes and dreams.

According to a report by Camera Jabber, they spoke to Fujifilm during Photokina and during the interview, they asked if the launch of a medium format camera meant that a full-frame mirrorless camera might not necessarily be in the works for the future, to which Fujifilm replied in the affirmative.

The company states that they had begun planning a new camera system years ago, and that by creating a full-frame system, it would upset many of its customers who have over the years built up a collection of lenses and cameras of its APS-C system. So instead of forcing customers to invest in a full-frame system, they made the leap to medium format instead.

We suppose in a way this is smart because the medium format isn’t really one used by many amateurs or even hobbyists, simply because they tend to be priced really high. This also means that Fujifilm would be targeting a completely different crowd, namely professionals. This isn’t the first time that Fujifilm has shot down the idea of a full-frame system. Back in 2015, an interview with the Fujifilm Blog revealed the company’s reasons for not going full-frame, and fast forward to 2016, it looks like they are still sticking to their guns.

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