google-alloBack at Google I/O, the company took the wraps off two apps – Allo and Duo. Duo is a video calling app that Google has already released, meaning that users are just waiting around for Allo right now. The good news is that the wait might not be much longer because according to famed leakster Evan Blass, he claims that Allo will be launching this week.

In case you’re hearing about Allo for the first time, the app is basically a new messenger app from Google. What makes Allo different from other messaging apps by Google, such as Hangouts, is that it will be a “smarter” app in the sense that it will come with Google Assistant baked into it.

What this means is that users can do more than just chat with friends. They can use Google Assistant to make restaurant bookings within the chat, so that users can make dinner plans on the spot with each other. It can also help search for information, location, and more. The upside is that it also lets anyone send you Allo messages as long as they have your phone number, so you don’t have to add separate accounts.

There are also fun features such as sending funny stickers and whatnot. Now some of these features aren’t exactly new, but if you are a fan of Google’s products and wouldn’t mind checking out a new messenger app, perhaps Allo could be it. We’ll keep an eye out for its release and will update you guys when it is available.

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