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Google’s Allo Will Be Officially Shutting Down On The 12th Of March
Last year Google announced and confirmed that they would be shutting down its Allo messaging service in March of 2019. The company did not mention when in March, but if you were to surf on over to its website, a banner at the top of the page states that the shut down will occur on the 12th of March, which is today.

Google Preparing For Allo Shutdown In Latest APK Teardown
The other day Google confirmed that come 2019, they will be shutting its Allo messaging app down. Now according to a teardown of the Allo APK by  9to5Google, it seems that Google is already taking steps to complete the shutdown by introducing features to the app that will let users save their chats.

Google Confirms Plans To Shut Allo Down
alloIt was reported earlier that according to 9to5Google’s sources, Google could be looking to shut Allo down. Unlike the confusion with the state of Hangouts, it seems that the rumors were right on the money this time as Google has since confirmed that they will be shutting Allo down come 2019.

Google Allo Could Be Next On The Chopping Board
When Google announced that Hangouts would be transitioning towards more enterprise users, they pointed users towards its new messaging app,  Allo. This was meant to act as a messenger service for consumers, but now according to a report from 9to5Google, it seems that Allo could be going the way of the dinosaur as well.


Gboard Testing Smart Replies For Various Messaging Apps
One of the nifty features that we’re seeing Google roll out to its services is smart replies, where based on the context, Google can offer up smart replies that you can fire off at a tap of a button. This feature has been introduced to Google products such as Gmail, and now it looks like Gboard will be getting it as well.

Allo For Web Will Eventually Work Without A Phone Connection
Just like how WhatsApp for web/desktop requires the user’s phone to be connected to the same WiFi network to work, the same can be said about Google’s Allo for web where users are required to have their phones turned on with a network connection. However the good news is that that could change soon.

‘Data Usage’ Option For Google’s Allo Now Rolling Out
These days we’re starting to see the amount of mobile data offered to customers is a lot higher than what it used to be back in the day. However this also corresponds to our media, where we’re starting to see more content on the web being streamed in 2K and 4K resolutions, thus consuming more data in the process.

Google Allo Could Be Linked To Your Email Account In The Future
With Apple’s iMessage, users can be reached either using their phone number or using an email address. However with Google’s Allo, it seems to be exclusively limited to phone numbers for now, but that could change in the future, thanks to a recent APK teardown in which there is evidence that could suggest email support in later updates.

Google Allo Could Get ‘Activities’ Tab Feature In Future Update
Google’s Allo app has been designed to replace Hangouts, at least as far as chatting apps for non-enterprise users are concerned. It is packed full of features, one of which is Google Assistant that is baked into the app itself, allowing users to interact with the digital assistant whether by voice or by chatting with it.

Allo For Web Now Works In Non-Chrome Browsers
Allo is Google’s new messenger platform which is meant to replace Hangouts as far as regular users are concerned (Hangouts will be more enterprise focused). Given that it is a Google product, it wasn’t surprising that when Allo for the web was launched, it only worked on Google’s Chrome browser.

Allo For Web Is Officially Launched
Earlier today we reported that the Allo app for Android seemed to hint that Allo for web could be on its way, and it seems like users did not have to wait too long because Google’s Amit Fulay has announced via Twitter that Allo for web has been officially launched and that users who are interested can go ahead and get their hands on it.

Screenshots Hint That Allo For Web Is Close To Launching
Apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, LINE, KakaoTalk, Discord, Facebook Messenger, and more all share a similar feature, and that is that they are available on mobile as well as computers. This means that users have the option of either chatting on their phones or desktops, depending on which is more comfortable or convenient.

Google Allo Desktop Client Release Due In A 'Few More Weeks'
Google teased the desktop chat client for its Allo messaging service earlier this year. It has actually done that on a number of occasions without confirming when it’s going to be released. While the company hasn’t provided a confirmed release date as yet, it has said that the Google Allo desktop client release is going to take place in a “few more weeks.”

Update To Google Allo Now Lets Users Start Duo Calls
Last year Google launched two new apps in the form of Allo and Duo. The former is Google’s new messenger platform that appears to be the consumer replacement of Hangouts, while Duo basically allows users to make video calls, and more recently thanks to an update, audio calls as well.