google-maps-distanceIf you’ve ever tried to search for a location on Google Maps, sometimes you’re returned with multiple results, especially if you’re trying to look for a particular shop that has multiple outlets, like a fast food chain, or a supermarket, and so on. However it seems that the latest Google Maps beta will help you with that.

As you can see in the screenshot above, it shows that when you’re searching for a place, it will bring up the distance in the search results. Given that there are obviously more than one McDonald’s outlet, sometimes having the distance displayed can give you an idea as to whether this is the particular outlet that you’re looking for.

For example if you roughly know that it is located near you, and the search results yielded a location that’s 50 miles away, then obviously you know that is not the place you are looking for. This is a minor change that Google appears to have made in the latest version of the beta, but we reckon that it will be pretty useful all the same.

It has been noted that users will be able to switch between using either Imperial or Metric units for measurements, so if you live outside of the US, don’t worry as you won’t have to mentally convert miles to kilometers in your head.

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