Roku Devices To Get Support For Google Assistant

It will soon become easier to control your Roku devices. The company has confirmed today that it will soon be possible for users to control its devices through Google Assistant. A software update will be rolling out in the next few weeks which will bring Google Assistant to Roku-branded TVs, sticks, and streaming boxes.

Google Home Is Now Asking For Verbal Feedback

Voice-based digital assistants still have a long way to go. While many of them seem to more or less function fine at the moment, improvements can obviously be made, such as being able to understand various accents from non-native English speakers, being able to understand natural language, and more.

Google Assistant Routines Seem To Be Broken For Third-Party Speakers

Not too long ago Google launched Routines for Google Assistant. For those unfamiliar, Routines basically allows users to group together several commands which can be activated all at once, meaning that you could turn on the lights, adjust the thermostat, get the coffee going, and turn on the TV with a single spoken command.

Google Could Be Bringing Its Digital Wellbeing To Google Assistant

One of the features that Google introduced to Android Pie are a set of tools called Digital Wellbeing. Basically the idea is to help users get off their devices and spend less time on them to help curb addiction. This is done by reminders, notifications, timers and more. Now it looks like Google could be looking to expand its Digital Wellbeing initiative to its other products.


You Can Now Talk To Google Assistant In Multiple Languages

Google has gradually been bringing the Google Assistant to more devices across the globe and it has also added support for more languages. The company is adding a new feature today which is going to make it easier to speak to the assistant. Google has confirmed at IFA 2018 that it’s adding multilingual support which means that you will be able to talk to Assistant in multiple languages.

Google Assistant Voice Command Support Comes To Nest x Yale Lock

One of the biggest selling points of smart home devices is that they can be controlled remotely and through the devices that we always carry in our pockets these days. Smart locks have become increasingly common over the past few years and now Google is making it easier to control a particular one. It’s enabling Google Assistant voice support for the Nest x Yale Lock.

Harman Kardon Unveils The Citation 500 Smart Speaker

With so many smart speakers in the market today, customers are really spoilt for choice. However for those looking for a new Google Assistant-powered speakers, Harman Kardon might have something for you as the company has recently taken the wraps off their latest smart speaker – the Citation 500.

Google Assistant For LG TV Now Rolling Out In More Markets

Google Assistant is already available on a wide variety of devices and LG’s smart TVs are on the list as well. LG confirmed at CES earlier this year that it’s bringing the virtual assistant to its latest lineup of TVs. However, it was initially limited to customers in the United States. The company has now confirmed that it’s bringing Google Assistant for LG TV to more markets across the globe.

Bang & Olufsen Brings Google Assistant To The Beosound 1 & 2

There are a lot of smart speakers in the market today, although we wouldn’t necessarily consider them to be the best-sounding speakers, which is kind of the angle that Apple went with the HomePod, where the company chose to focus more on the sound quality rather than on what the speakers could do.

Google Assistant Can Now Give You Good News On Demand

Good news is a crucial part of a balanced media diet. However, it can often prove to be difficult to cut across all of the negative news that seems to be trending every single day online. Google wants to make it easier for users to find stories that lift up their spirits and restore their faith in humanity. It’s enabling Google Assistant to surface “good news” on demand.

LG Unveils New TONE Wearables With Google Assistant Integration

We expected that at IFA 2018, LG would probably have several new products to announce, and sure enough ahead of the event (which kicks off next week), LG has since taken the wraps off a new series of TONE audio wearables. These essentially continue the lineup of TONE wearables that LG has launched in the past, except that these are now equipped with AI.

JBL Link Bar Now Available For Pre-Order, Priced At $400

Several months ago during Google I/O, JBL unveiled a new soundbar in the form of the JBL Link Bar. Now soundbars are pretty good solutions for those who want a set of speakers that won’t take up too much space, at least compared to regular home theater systems, which is what the JBL Link Bar offered and then some.

Google’s Own Smart Display With Google Assistant Could Be Launched This Year

With Amazon’s Echo lineup, the company has introduced the Echo Spot and the Echo Show, two Echo and Alexa-enabled speakers that come with built-in displays. Now in a report from Nikkei, it seems that Google’s very own Assistant Smart Displays could be on track for a launch later this year.

Pandora Premium Available On Google Home And Assistant Devices

Pandora’s music subscription service is available on Google Home speakers and Google Assistant-powered audio devices now. The service is called Pandora Premium and it provides subscribers with access to a vast library of tracks. It’s an on-demand music streaming service much like its rival Spotify and Apple Music.