Google’s Smart Displays Get Continued Conversations

In the early days of digital assistants, whenever you wanted to ask the digital assistant something new, you’d have to launch it again. This is very unnatural because in real life, do you keep calling out your friend’s name whenever you have a conversation? Chances are you don’t, which is why many digital assistants still feel quite unnatural even until this day.

Google Wants To Bring Assistant To Android Messages

We’ve seen how Google has been slowly introducing Google Assistant to its various apps and services, such as Google Maps. Now it seems that Google is expanding Assistant’s availability to Android Messages where it will enhance the chatting experience through features such as movie suggestions, restaurants, and the weather.

Google Wants To Put Dedicated Google Assistant Buttons On Phones

When Samsung introduced a dedicated Bixby button on its smartphones, many users were initially ticked off by it simply because they could not remap it. Now it seems that Google wants something similar as well because at MWC 2019, Google has announced that several Android handset makers will be launching phones with dedicated Google Assistant buttons.

Google Says Nest Secure’s Secret Microphone Was ‘Never Supposed To Be A Secret’

Google announced earlier this year that it was bringing its Assistant to the Nest Secure home security and alarm system. Many of you will be well aware that you require a device with a microphone to get the most out of the Assistant. There was only a tiny little problem: Nest Secure owners didn’t know that their device had a microphone in the first place. Google has now said that […]


Google Assistant Is Now Available On Nest Secure

Google is rolling out new functionality for its $400 Nest Secure home security system. The company has sent out an over the air software update which adds Google Assistant to this device. This feature will enable users to talk directly through their Nest Guard hub and keypad.

Google App Beta Hints At Face Matching Feature

The security features of our phone, like passcodes, fingerprint, face recognition, iris scanning, and so on are designed to act as the first layer of security. This in general prevents users from accessing our mobile devices without our permission. However when the phone does get unlocked, it’s more or less open season.

Philips Unveils A $350 4K Android TV With Google Assistant

When you think of smart TVs with a 4K resolution, you might be concerned that it could be expensive. To a certain extent that is true of certain brands and models, but if you have a relatively small budget, then you might be interested to learn that Philips has actually launched a pretty affordable smart TV.

Google Assistant Is Now Rolling Out To Google Maps

Google Assistant has been slowly making its way into various Google apps and services, but yet one app that was obviously missing Google Assistant was Google Maps. The company did announce last year that its mapping application would be getting support from Google Assistant, but it seems to have taken a bit longer than expected.

Google Assistant Now Does Flight Check Ins And Hotel Bookings

The Google Assistant will now be able to provide more help during your upcoming trips. Google announced today that it’s introducing a couple of new features for the personal assistant with an aim to make travels a bit easier for the users.

Roav Bolt Is Anker’s Own In-Car Google Assistant Accessory

In-case Google Assistant accessories are a big thing at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 in Las Vegas this week and Anker is not one to sit on the sidelines. The company has announced its own in-car Google Assistant accessory called the Roav Bolt. It’s quite similar in its form and function to JBL’s Link Drive.

JBL Link Drive Adds Google Assistant To Your Car

You don’t need to purchase an expensive in-car accessory to get Google Assistant. JBL is offering a cheaper solution as part of the expansion of Google Assistant into its wide variety of products. The JBL Link Drive is one of those products, it brings the Google Assistant to your car.

The Instant Pot Smart WiFi Will Now Support Google Assistant

There is a growing number of cooking gadgets and appliances that are becoming more connected than ever. For example there are several sous vide devices that can be controlled using a smartphone, so it’s not really a surprise to learn that the Instant Pot will now support Google Assistant.

Moen’s Smart Showers Now Feature Google Assistant Integration

#CES2019 – Moen’s smart shower system has been evolving over the years since it was first introduced. Back in 2018 the company announced plans to upgrade its system to support Siri and Alexa, and now it looks like for 2019 at CES, the company has announced that the shower system will now support Google Assistant as well.

Klipsch’s New Soundbars Will Feature Google Assistant Integration

#CES2019 – Soundbars are great alternatives to bookshelf speakers or hi-fi systems. This is because they tend to be small-ish, and can fit on your TV cabinet or be mounted onto a wall. If you are in the market for new soundbars, then it seems like Klipsch might have more than a couple for you to choose from.