Image credit - Engadget

Image credit – Engadget

There are some people who think that being a model is easy. You show up, people dress you up, they put your makeup on, they do your hair, and all you have to do is walk down a runway a couple of times, get your photo taken, and that’s done. However for those in the industry, you guys probably know it isn’t as easy as it seems.

Granted a lot of models do make it look easy, but in reality, many could also be stressing out pretty badly. During the Paris Fashion Week, Intel decided to merge tech and fashion together by creating a wearable that will actually allow audience members to see the stress levels and the state of mind of a model as he/she walks down the runway.

These wearables come in the form of smart glasses and belts. The glasses will have capacity EEG electrodes built into them that will read the wearer’s brainwaves, while the nose bridge will house an optical heart rate sensor and a microphone. The information gathered will be processed by the onboard Curie module and then sent to the 3D printed belt around the waist of the wearer.

The belt also features a pico projector that can cast an image and animations onto a surface to show real-time stress levels. Now we’re not sure if there ever will come a time when such a wearable will be required in real-life, but we guess if anything it does show off the ways fashion and tech can work together.

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