Apple may not have provided first-weekend pre-order numbers for the iPhone 7 but there were plenty of lines outside its stores to confirm that tens of thousands of people lined up to get their hands on an iPhone 7. Some early adopters of the new handsets are concerned about the iPhone 7 hissing sound that’s said to emanate from the new handset when the processor is being pushed to the limit.


512 Pixels’ Stephen Hackett first talked about this unusual issue publicly and he was later backed up by reports from multiple users who claimed to be hearing the iPhone 7 hissing sound as well when the handset was being pushed to the limit. Hackett said that when he talked to AppleCare about it he was offered a replacement.

Reports suggest that this issue has been seen in the past as well with previous iPhone models. However, it’s not known at this point in time just how widespread this iPhone 7 hissing sound issue is or which of the components inside the handset might be responsible.

With the exception of the speakers and earphone, there’s nothing on the processor or related components which would generate an audible sound. Some suggest that the iPhone 7 hissing sound could be a result of an RF transmitter or some kind of interference with the speaker system. Again, the cause is not yet known.

Apple hasn’t commented on the matter as yet. Have you experienced something similar with your iPhone 7? Do share with us in the comments below.

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