Image credit - Chipworks

Image credit – Chipworks

There have been rumors that suggested that Apple could be using Intel and Qualcomm modems for the iPhone 7/7 Plus. Recently it has been hinted that could be the case, but in case allusions and hints weren’t enough, a teardown conducted by the folks at Chipworks has pretty much confirmed that Intel’s modems are present on the iPhone 7.

In Chipworks’ teardown, they confirm that the Intel XMM7360 modem is being used in the iPhone 7. However they note that the iPhone model that the did the teardown with was the Model A1778 version, which basically points to the GSM model, so it is unclear if the CDMA version for Sprint and Verizon will yield a similar modem.

However as per our previous post, we did point out that Intel’s modem is not compatible with the CDMA standard that Sprint and Verizon are currently using, meaning that more likely than not we will still find Qualcomm’s modems in those models. It is also why Apple has yet to make the transition to Intel completely, although we guess keeping multiple suppliers so as not to be too dependent on one company is also pretty normal practice for a lot of businesses.

In any case at the end of the day, this shouldn’t really affect your phone’s performance, but as WIRED points out, this is the first time an Intel mobile chip has found its way into a high-end flagship device, and given Intel’s struggle to break into the mobile scene via SoCs, perhaps modems could be its way in.

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12 MP
  • f/1.8 Aperture
  • OIS
1960 mAh
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    138 g
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    Storage (GB)
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    • 256
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