After confirming its existence at E3 2016 earlier this year, yesterday Sony officially took the wraps off its latest PlayStation console, the PS4 Pro. While Sony did not exactly dive into the technical aspects of the console, it is widely believed that it will be more powerful since it will be able to support 4K gaming and whatnot.

So what does that mean for gamers? Does this mean that we can expect some games to look better on the PS4 Pro than the regular PS4? There might be instances in which this is true, but as far as Mass Effect: Andromeda is concerned, it seems that gamers can expect the game to run at 30fps regardless of whether it is the PS4 or PS4 Pro.

This is according to the game’s producer Fabrice Condominas who told the folks at GameSpot that despite the PS4 Pro being capable of delivering higher frame rates, they have chosen to lock it in at 30fps for both consoles. It was not mentioned as to why they have decided to keep the game at 30fps for both consoles, but perhaps they just want to ensure that gamers have a similar experience across the board.

The developers behind Mass Effect: Andromeda aren’t alone in this either. GameSpot has also learnt that titles from Sucker Punch Productions such as  Infamous: Second Son and First Light will also run at the same frame rate on the PS4 Pro as the regular PS4. In the meantime you can check out Mass Effect: Andromeda in 4K in the official tech video demo above.

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