nintendo-logoDespite Nintendo announcing that they have a new console in the works in the form of the NX, details about the console are pretty much zilch at this point. We know its name, we know it exists, and we also know that it will be released in March 2017, and that’s pretty much all we know as far as official information is concerned.

How it looks, how it plays, what games are available for it, what kind of hardware it packs, and etc. are still a mystery. Pricing is also a mystery and this is particularly important, especially when Microsoft made the mistake of pricing the Xbox One higher than the PS4, thus giving the PS4 a lead in sales (one of the many reasons). However thanks to Tesco UK, a potential price for the NX might have been revealed.

According to the listing (which has since been edited), the price of the console was set at £349.99 which is roughly $450. To give you guys a bit of context, the PS4 500GB at Tesco UK is priced at ‎£249.00, while the 1TB Xbox One is similarly priced. However the 2TB Xbox One S is priced at £349.00, so maybe as far as new consoles are concerned, it’s more or less around the same.

We’re not sure if the price in the US will be $450 or if we’re looking at $400 which seems to be the standard price of new consoles stateside, but either way this is based on speculation that the listing on Tesco UK is accurate. Obviously don’t take these prices as gospel for now, but what do you guys think? Assuming $400, is that a price you’d be willing to pay for the Nintendo NX?

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