sandisk-1tbWhile external hard drives have no problem hitting the 1TB limit, it is a different story when it comes to memory cards. Sure, over the years we’ve seen them increase in storage size, but now it looks like SanDisk might have taken the cake by unveiling a 1TB SD card, which they are calling the world’s first.

Given that 4K is eventually going to be the standard in the future when it comes to media content, naturally we will need larger storage capacities in order to fit 4K media files from cameras. However we should point out that the 1TB SD card unveiled by SanDisk is merely a prototype, meaning that we’re not sure when the company plans on bringing it to the market.

We also have no idea how much it will cost, but then again it’s not that hard to imagine that it won’t come cheap. For example the company’s 512GB SD card is priced at $800 at launch, so while doubling the storage size might not necessarily mean doubling the price, we can imagine that you’d be expected to pay at least $1,000 or more for it.

In any case chances are it will probably be industry professionals who can justify the price of the card, and who might actually need to use it, so for regular folks unless you absolutely need the storage, you’ll probably be skipping this product anyway.

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