Sony isn’t new to making robots and the one that it has in the pipeline right now appears to be unlike any robot it has ever built. The company revealed during IFA 2016 in Berlin this week that it’s working on a new robot which is going to be capable of forming an “emotional connection” with humans. This was confirmed during the company’s IFA 2016 press conference by none other the CEO of Sony himself, Kaz Hirai.

Hirai revealed that Sony is making a new robot which humans will be able to establish a bond with, this means that the robot will not only be able to assist owners with their daily tasks but will also be emotionally attached to the human.

Sony hasn’t gone into that many details about this new robot that it’s building but the CEO does say that “You definitely want to stay tuned,” they are certainly excited about this new robot.

Some people are obviously going to have concerns about sharing their space with a robot as the fear of artificial intelligence-powered robots going rogue and killing humans still exists.

Hirai says that this isn’t shouldn’t be a concern as consumers will ultimately decide whether or not the AI involved in a robot is going to be dangerous or not.

No word as yet on when Sony is going to show us this new robot or reveal more information about what it’s capable of doing.

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