Articles about IFA 2016

Sony Xperia XZ Now Available For Sale In The U.S.
Sony launched two new smartphones at IFA 2016 and recently confirmed the official pricing and availability details for the U.S. The company has not teamed up with carriers to sell these handsets in the country, it’s relying on Amazon instead. The Xperia X Compact has already been on sale via Amazon and now the Xperia XZ is available for purchase in the United States through Amazon.

Lenovo Yoga Book Pre-Orders Open Now In The U.S.
Lenovo formally announced the Yoga Book notebook earlier this month at the IFA 2016 convention in Berlin. If it caught your interest and you happen to be based in the United States, then you would surely like to know that the company today opened pre-orders of the Yoga Book in the United States. Pre-orders can be placed right now but the notebooks won’t start shipping until next month.

Sony Xperia X Compact Pre-Orders Go Live In The U.S.
Sony unveiled the Xperia X Compact earlier this month at IFA 2016 and soon after the handset was announced it started taking pre-orders in Europe. Now, customers in the United States can finally pre-order the Xperia X Compact. Those who are interested in picking one up can pre-order this handset via Amazon which is selling it unlocked and off-contract.

Microsoft & Mercedes Wants To Make Your Commute More Productive
If you’re someone who gets bombarded by emails non-stop in and out of the office, you know that during your drive to office you’re kind of let off the hook from checking them because you’re driving. If your car is one of your only respites from work emails, then maybe getting a Mercedes in the future might not be the best idea.


Parrot Minidrones Mambo and Swing Hands-On Review 
Parrot introduced its fixed-wing drone Parrot Disco about ten days ago, and it was on display at IFA, although unable to fly due to the space restrictions indoors.However, we were able to see a demo of the brand new Minidrones, namely the Mambo and the Swing, which were unveiled during the show.We awarded the Disco a Best of IFA Award since I was able to test it in a large […]

Sony Making A Robot That Creates 'Emotional Connection' With Humans
Sony isn’t new to making robots and the one that it has in the pipeline right now appears to be unlike any robot it has ever built. The company revealed during IFA 2016 in Berlin this week that it’s working on a new robot which is going to be capable of forming an “emotional connection” with humans. This was confirmed during the company’s IFA 2016 press conference by none other the […]

Ubergizmo’s Best of IFA 2016
After two very intense “Press Days”, all the major products at the IFA trade show in Berlin/Germany have been announced, looked at and covered. The best technology companies in the world took their best shot at demonstrating the value of their new products, and many are impressive, but we think that there are ten that are above all others, the Best of IFA 2016, Here they are, in no particular […]

Jabra Unveils Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds With Fitness Tracking
Headphones were designed to do one thing, and that is transmit audio. However these days with there being so many devices for separate activities, it can be overwhelming, which means if you wanted music and track your fitness at the same time, you’d have to have your smartphone, your headphones, and a fitness tracker.

New Sennheiser Headphones Launched At IFA 2016
We’ve seen lots of great new products being announced at IFA 2016 in Berlin and Sennheiser is adding to the list. The company has almost always unveiled new products at the IFA stage and it’s sticking with tradition in 2016. New Sennheiser headphones have been announced today.

Withings Steel HR Is The First Normal Watch With Heart Rate Monitoring
Withings – which is now a part of Nokia – has always made activity tracking wearable devices that don’t look like normal smartwatches or fitness bands. Its products have always looked similar to traditional watches and nothing stays true to that tradition than its new Withings Steel HR. Withings says that this is the first analog watch that features heart rate monitoring.

Improved Jabra Sport Pulse and Jabra Sport Coach Special Editions Launched
Jabra has expanded its wireless sports headphone lineup today with the Jabra Sport Pulse and Jabra Sport Coach Special Editions which are basically improved versions of their predecessors. The Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition has been optimized for running and the company says that it’s the world’s first sports headphone that features automatic and continuous VO2 Max fitness testing.

Misfit Now Offers A Ton Of Customization Options For Its Wearable Devices
Misfit has announced that it now offers hundreds of new, custom options for its activity tracking devices. It says that customers can now get hundreds of style and color combinations – more than what any other wearable device manufacturer offers. It also announced an Apple exclusive today.

HP Pavilion Wave Desktop Computer
HP is continuing its push towards better and more innovative designs, and we’re keeping a close eye on it. This latest HP Pavilion Wave is a desktop computer designed to be practical, powerful and very integrated. It is also capable of blending into the surrounding because it does not look like a computer at all.

HP EliteDisplay S240UJ Comes With A Wireless Charging Base
Monitors used to serve one purpose back in the day, and that was to display information. However with the plethora of monitors that we can choose from these days, manufacturers are certainly stepping up their game by introducing new features and functions that make their monitors more than just mere displays.

HP Elite Slice Is HP’s Answer To The Mac Mini
The Mac Mini is probably one of the overlooked computers offered by Apple, probably because in terms of looks and features, there’s really nothing to shout about. However it is compact which means that it’s great to bring around with you, or move from room to room, or if you just want a computer in the living room.

ZTE Axon 7 mini: Hands-On
ZTE has just released another Axon phone to extend the coverage of its lineup. The ZTE Axon 7 mini is a 5.2-inch screen Android phone that will complement the Axon 7 that was released earlier this year. The idea behind the Axon line is to offer “flagship-level specs and experience” at an affordable price. This is a segment of the market where several Chinese brands have been successful, thus, attracting […]

Qualcomm Snapdragon VR820 Reference Platform Revealed
During its media event at IFA in Berlin/Germany, Qualcomm has unveiled a new reference hardware for Virtual Reality (VR) developers called Snapdragon VR 820. It is a self-contained, head mounted, VR system that offers a complete freedom of movement* because there’s no cable connecting it to a computer (*6-degrees of movement = 3 axis rotation and 3 axis translation).

Huawei MediaPad M3 Tablet Announced
Over the past few years, many of us have come to know Huawei as a manufacturer of smartphones, and we probably wouldn’t associate them with tablets. However during IFA 2016, the company decided to surprise us all with a brand new tablet in the form of the Huawei MediaPad M3.

Sony Announces The MDR-1000X Noise Cancelling Headphones
Have you ever sat on a plane and be annoyed by the sound of the engine, babies crying, people chattering away? This is where the beauty of noise cancelling headphones comes in, and if you are after such a pair, Sony might have something for you. Announced at IFA 2016, Sony has taken the wraps off the MDR-1000X noise cancelling wireless headphones.

Sony Xperia XZ Officially Announced
According to an earlier leaked photo, it seems like Sony has a new phone in the works, and sure enough the company has made it official. Dubbed the Sony Xperia XZ, this is one of two new smartphones that Sony has debuted at IFA 2016, and if you’re after a smartphone with a great camera, this could be it.