Soon after iOS 10 was released a few days ago, some people were facing issues after installing the update and Apple was quick to send out a fix. Some T-Mobile users aren’t that fortunate it seems as they are facing connectivity issues after updating their devices to the latest and greatest software update from Apple. Countless reports are available on Twitter and Reddit from T-Mobile customers who are facing these issues.

This doesn’t seem to be affecting all users, but some people who are on T-Mobile say that they are facing connectivity issues on their iPhones after updating them to iOS 10. They say that their devices are losing cellular signals and that the only way they’re able to get cellular connectivity again is by restarting the device.

It does end up fixing the problem for a while but having to restart your phone multiple times a day is a nuisance, to say the least. These users are still waiting on a permanent fix and so far there has been no word from either T-Mobile or Apple regarding these issues, so it can’t be said for sure when a proper fix is due.

Are you facing similar issues on T-Mobile? Do let us know by dropping a comment below, also share if you’re found any other workarounds for this.

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