tesla_model_x_1A couple of weeks ago, Tesla announced that they would be updating its autopilot system where it would now rely more on the radar system that is installed. However it seems that in addition to relying more on radar, they have also introduced more safety features, such as disengaging the autopilot system if it detects the driver is inattentive.

Right now autopilot on the Tesla is kind of a glorified version of cruise control where it will have more advanced features such as being able to avoid obstacles and steer itself, but at the end of the day the company has warned users time and time again that it should never be considered a self-driving feature.

One of those ways to ensure drivers remain in control is to keep their hands on the steering wheel at all time so that they can easily take control in the event something goes wrong. In the update, the system will now warn users when their hands are off the wheel, and when the warnings are ignored three times, the automatic steering feature will be disabled and will not be re-engaged until the car is parked. It will also slow to a stop if the warnings are ignored.

Hopefully this will ensure that drivers keep their hands on the wheel at all times because despite Tesla’s numerous warnings, there are probably still plenty of drivers out there who think that they can get away with it, or maybe some like to show off. The update to the autopilot system should be rolling out as we speak.

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