youtube_goBack in the day when internet wasn’t as fast and wasn’t as readily available, every song or video downloaded was treated like it was so precious, namely because it would take you 20 minutes just to download a 3 minute song. These days we barely have to think about it, but there are still parts of the world where the internet isn’t so quick, nor is it as available.

This is why YouTube has launched a new app called YouTube Go. The app will be initially aimed at the Indian market, and we guess we can see why. The idea behind the app is to deliver video content to users in parts of the world where internet access isn’t as stable or as quick. It has also been designed to work more effectively with lower-speed connections.

Users will be able to do things like save videos for offline viewing. They will also get the option of choosing what quality they want to watch, and each quality will tell them how much data it is expected to consume, so that if they are on extremely limited data plans, they will know how to plan their usage accordingly.

Now like we said, this seems to be aimed more at the Indian market for now, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually made its way to other emerging markets. However there are certain nifty features that the rest of us probably wouldn’t mind. In the meantime if you are in India, you can sign up on its website to be amongst the first to test the app upon its release.

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