The election season is heating up the in the United States and both nominees will have their first one-on-one debate in the coming week. The debates are a great way to find out about a nominee’s position on various issues so there’s always a lot of interest from the general public. There are quite a few ways you will be able to tune into the debates. YouTube has announced today that it’s going to host live streams of the upcoming presidential debates with coverage bring provided by The Washington Post, Telemundo, PBS, and Bloomberg.

The coverage that’s provided by these partners will be accessible as a live stream via YouTube apps as well as through the web. It will surely be one of the easiest ways to tune into the debates.

However, YouTube isn’t the only tech platform that’s going to host live streams of the debate. Facebook confirmed yesterday that it has teamed up with ABC News to do the same, the network’s coverage will be streamed live on its Facebook page.

Twitter confirmed today that as part of its partnership with Bloomberg News, it’s also going to live stream the three presidential debates that take place in the coming weeks. NBC is going a completely different way by providing coverage in virtual reality.

The first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton takes place this Monday.

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