Bill Gates firmly leads the way when it comes to tech moguls putting their money to good use, but there are others as well who have also pledged their wealth to improve mankind’s fortunes. Just last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan announced that they will donate 99 percent of their Facebook shares – worth $45 billion – to the cause of human advancement through the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. The couple has now pledged $3 billion to cure diseases.

They will be investing $3 billion into this cause over the next decade through the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Their goal is to help scientists to “cure, prevent, or manage” all diseases within the lifetime of our children.

Priscilla Chan said that $600 million will be disbursed to create a “bio hub” in San Francisco which is going to support universities in the United States as they come up with new ways to achieve the abovementioned goal. This is the first project that’s part of this fight against diseases.

“We set a goal, to work to cure, prevent or manage all disease within our children’s lifetime. That doesn’t mean no one will ever get sick, but it does mean our children and their children will get sick a lot less,” she said.

The couple has said that this is a long-term effort and that they remain committed to investing billions of dollars over the coming decades so that we can all be closer to the ultimate aim.

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