apple-macbook-pro-5k-displaySo Apple has announced their new MacBook Pros with Touch Bar and Touch ID. The laptops also feature new GPUs in the form of the AMD Radeon Pros, and at the same time Apple and LG have also revealed that Ultrafine monitors that were designed for the laptops specifically, ultimately replacing Apple’s Thunderbolt Displays.


For those of you who work on the desktop and on the laptop at the same time, sometimes connecting to an external display will come in handy, but what if you wanted to connect to more than one display? If you do, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple’s new MacBook Pros are more than capable of handling the task.

According to the specs page on Apple’s website, the company has revealed that the 15-inch MacBook Pro will be capable of handling four 4K displays simultaneously, or two 5K displays if you prefer. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the 13-inch model which does not come with a discrete GPU, although the specs page does note that it can handle either one 5K display, or two 4K displays, which we guess is already plenty.

We guess the number of people who need to connect to multiple 4K displays aren’t that many, but it’s nice to know that if and when you do, the option is there.

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