aroma-join-1[CEATEC 2016] They say smell is one of the more powerful ways that one can trigger a memory, and this is what Aromajoin is hoping to do when they took the wraps off the Aroma Shooter Mini at this year’s CEATEC. The Mini is basically the smaller and wearable version of the Aroma Shooter.

According to the company, they claim that one of the potential uses of the Shooter Mini is that when you give someone your name card, you can release a scent so that they will be able to associate that smell with you. Imagine if you own a cafe, and everytime you gave your name card away, you release the smell of coffee. Soon people will start associating coffee with you, and you might start to gain a loyal following.

Other potential uses for the Aroma Shooter Mini is for it to double up as a notification. In places where you have to put your phone on silent, or if you miss a vibration, getting a smell as a notification could be an alternative. Companies will be able to customize the scent by working with Aromajoin, so if you have a particular scent you want associated with your company, that is possible.

aroma-join-4In addition to the Mini, the company unveiled the Aroma messenger app. This app lets you chat with friends and also send stickers which can release scents remotely. So if your friend has the Mini, you can send them a scent. We imagine that this can be potentially annoying since no one wants to be blasted with scents all day. The app is currently available for download and at the moment it is only for Android.

As for the Aroma Shooter Mini, the company plans on launching it on Kickstarter in 2017, so we’ll be keeping out eyes out for that.

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