Articles about ceatec 2016

CEATEC 2016 Innovation Award Winners
VRC’s Shun’X Is A 3D Body Scanner That Works Quickly
Aromajoin Unveils The New Aromajoin Mini & Smartphone App
The Bocco Family Robot Now Comes With Support For SIM Cards
Lenovo’s LaVie Smart Mirror Makes Use Of Intel’s RealSense Cameras
Cerevo’s Listnr Is A Baby Monitor That Can Identify Emotions
Panasonic’s Motion-Sensing Unit Aims To Help Keep Robots Upright
Panasonic’s PaN Introduces A Shared Camera Service For Selfies
Panasonic’s 3D Actuator Combines Stabilizing & Tracking Tech
Panasonic’s Wireless & Batteryless Switch Turns Everything On At Once
Panasonic Has A Smart Mirror That Can Point Out Your Flaws
Panasonic’s Transparent TVs Are Back, More See-Through Than Ever
Sharp Unveils IGZO Display That’s Over 1,000ppi
Sharp’s RoboHon Can Now Double Up As A Waiter/Tour Guide
Lapis Semiconductor Unveils A Sensor To Monitor The Soil In Real-Time
Clarion’s Medicine-Taking Support Robot Will Help Prevent Overdoses
Clarion Unveils ZH700FF Full Digital Surround Headphones
OWLSIGHT Patient Monitoring System Does Not Require Restraints
CAIBA Is A Customer Service Robot That Can Be Remotely Piloted
Shaka Shaka Brush Will Instill Good Dental Hygiene In Kids