bocco-sim[CEATEC 2016] In 2015, we came across a little robot by the name of Bocco. Developed by Yukai Engineering, it looks like the company is back with a slightly upgraded model, and by slightly we do mean slightly. Essentially at its core, the Bocco is still the same except that this year, the company has introduced a SIM model.

Like we said, at its core the Bocco remains the same which means that you can expect it to pack the same features as last year’s model. In case you missed out on our coverage last year, the Bocco is sort of like a companion bot that you can place in your home. At the size of a doll, the robot will basically act as a communication device.

Users will be able to use the Bocco’s accompanying app to send an SMS or speak into it to send a voice message. Upon receiving it, the Bocco will then be able to play it back to whoever is at home. This means that parents who are working will be able to drop a message to their kids at home to let them know they’ll be home soon.

It also acts as a door sensor so that when your kids come home from school, it will be able to send a notification to the app to let you know. The SIM model basically provides users with an alternative means of connectivity. The SIM model is not yet available for purchase and is expected to launch in 2017.

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