acer-chromebase-24While Chrome is a pretty handy browser due to its integration with Google’s apps and services, if there has been one criticism that has been leveled at it, it would be its speed in which its launch time can sometimes be a bit slow. However given the number of functions and features of the browser, we guess it is understandable.

The good news is that it looks like Google has made some improvements by taking advantage of Microsoft’s Profile Guided Optimization, and according to the company, they claim that the browser now loads up to 15% faster on Windows. They also claim that startup time is now 16.8% faster, and that new tabs for pages load 14.8% faster compared to previous versions of the app.

Of course these speed improvements might not necessarily be noticeable by everyone, given that a 15% increase on a load time of 1-2 seconds isn’t exactly obvious. However if you don’t have a particularly fast computer then maybe the difference could be obvious. Chrome using PGO was available for the 64-bit version of the app since Chrome 53, but it is only now coming to the 32-bit version in Chrome 54. The browser should update itself but in case it hasn’t, you can download the latest version from Google’s website.

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