netflix-iron-fistWith Marvel’s Luke Cage having been released on Netflix already, we guess what’s left is Iron Fist which will round up The Defenders. So the question is, when will Iron Fist be unleashed on Netflix? For those who are wondering, wonder no more as Netflix has officially revealed its release date for the 17th of March, 2017.


We have to say that we are pretty excited to see what Iron Fist will be able to bring to the table, especially since the character is something of a martial artist, which hopefully should result in some pretty epic fight scenes like we saw in Daredevil (Jessica Jones and Luke Cage seem to be more about raw power than finesse, we reckon).

There has been a bit of a fuss kicked up over the fact that Iron Fist is portrayed by a Westerner, although to be fair this is who the character was always based on since its conception, so to change it to an Asian character probably wouldn’t make much sense and would confuse fans of the series.

It will star Finn Jones, who for those unfamiliar was on Game of Thrones where he died rather unceremoniously, and it will also see the return of Carrie-Anne Moss who will reprise her role as Jeryn “Jeri” Hogarth, which is basically the female take on Jeryn Hogarth, a male character with the same role in the comics as Moss’ character on the show.

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