mario-kart-8-playableNintendo has many successful franchises that have stayed with them over different consoles over the years, and Mario Kart is one of them. The latest release was Mario Kart 8 which was made available to gamers in 2014, and it seems that in its 2 years of existence, the game has managed to sell 8 million units around the world.

This is according to Nintendo’s latest financials which revealed the number of copies of Mario Kart 8 that has been sold. Interestingly enough the game is only available for the Wii U (at the moment) and given the number of Wii Us that have been sold (a little over 13 million, for those wondering), it basically seems like about 60% of all Wii U owners have a copy of the game. Fun fact, right?

The 8 million sold is also an increase from last year’s numbers which had the game at 5 million copies sold. The game was also instrumental in helping Nintendo sell more Wii U units, especially since first-party titles are one of the company’s stronger suits. At the moment it is unclear if Mario Kart 8 will be released for the upcoming Nintendo Switch.

The game was spotted in the preview trailer, but Nintendo has been quick to say that what we saw might not represent actual footage, although we guess it doesn’t make sense if Nintendo doesn’t bring one of its more iconic franchises to the Switch, but we’ll have to wait until 2017 to find out.

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