As per Nintendo’s announcement yesterday, the company did promise that they would share more information about its upcoming NX console today, and sure enough they did. It looks like the NX was merely a codename because the company has officially announced their latest console, the Nintendo Switch.

Now there weren’t many details to be had about the console as the announcement was more like a product trailer. However it seems that the trailer was more than enough for us to get an idea of what to expect. Sure enough it looks like the rumors were right about the Switch being some kind of hybrid between a portable system and a home console.

When at home, users will be able to use a more traditional gamepad to control the system. However when on the go, users will be able to unplug a tablet-like device and attach some side controllers to it to play games, similar to what we have seen in patents. It also looks like the controllers can be used by two players, with one half of the controller being used by one player, and the other half by another player, thus allowing gamers to play local multiplayer.

The best part is that unlike the Wii U’s GamePad, the tablet-like device appears to be the core/heart of the console, meaning that you bring it out with you when you travel, thus turning it into a truly portable gaming system. Pricing has yet to be revealed but as per Nintendo’s earlier announcement, it will be released come March 2017.

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