nintendo-switch-skyrimNintendo’s decision to only show off the Switch’s design and keep the rest of the information until 2017 seems to be backfiring. If they thought they were doing their fans any favors by showing off what the console looks like, they might be mistaken because this has simply left many gamers (and investors) more confused than ever.

When Nintendo unveiled the Switch, a variety of games were shown off in the trailer, like the new Zelda, a new Mario game, and what appeared to be Skyrim. Despite being seen in the trailer, Skyrim’s developer Bethesda could not confirm if the game would be one of the available titles, and in a recent statement made to Eurogamer, Nintendo seems to have made things more confusing.

When asked about the the trailer and how it was put together, a Nintendo spokesperson from the UK, they told Eurogamer, “This video is all about explaining how the Nintendo Switch works.” They go on to add that it was meant to show off how the Switch could be played as a home console and also be taken out and enjoyed while on the go.

The spokesperson goes on to add, “At a later date, before the March launch, we’ll be talking about things like exact launch date, and of course, the games. You shouldn’t assume what you saw on the video represents actual game footage and further specifics on first-party games will be provided later.” Basically what you saw might not necessarily be what you get.

That being said, while Skyrim for the Switch is still up in the air, earlier this year Nintendo did confirm that the new Legend of Zelda game would be arriving on the Switch, so that much is clear, but as far as everything else is concerned, it’s really anyone’s guess.

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