If recent reports are to be believed, some tech companies might be acquired by even bigger companies. We’ve all heard reports that Twitter is likely to receive offers from multiple suitors in the near future, Disney is expected to be one of them, and now analysts are of the view that Netflix is a likely acquisition target for Disney as well as Apple.

The report mentions that financial analysts have been talking about heated acquisition discussions related to Netflix. The online streaming giant is expected to become a possible acquisition target for giants like Disney and Apple.

Disney already owns a 30 percent stake in Netflix rival Hulu as it partnered with Fox, Time Warner, Comcast, and NBC to establish the streaming company. Netflix would be a natural fit in Disney’s portfolio given that the company is now paying due attention to cord cutters.

Apple has long been rumored to be interested in setting a streaming service of its own. Granted its ambitions are said to revolve around live TV streaming, but Netflix already has a robust platform that it can use to further its TV ambitions. The company made $234 billion in revenue in the last fiscal year, it’s not like it can’t buy Netflix if it wanted to.

None of this has been officially confirmed yet as no formal bids have been submitted. Netflix has dropped no hints that it’s looking to sell so it may or may not happen. It’s too soon to say at this point in time.

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