nintendo-nx-mario-revealThe Nintendo NX was officially revealed a year ago, and after months of rumor and speculation, it seems that all of that will finally be addressed tomorrow. In a tweet by Nintendo of America, it looks like come 20th October, 7AM PT, Nintendo will be finally taking the wraps off their upcoming console and reveal it to the world.

This announcement is also in line with a rumor from last week that suggested that the reveal could take place this week, which we’re glad to see it pan out. Nintendo did previous state that they were eyeing a fall announcement. After all if they want to sell the console in March 2017, they had better start promoting the heck out of it ASAP.

So far little to nothing is known about the console save for its name, which could be a codename for all we know. Nintendo has been very secretive about the console and various patents have popped up in the past that have led to speculation about the console’s features. The company stated that the reason for keeping mum is that they don’t want their ideas to be stolen ahead of it being released.

One of the more persistent rumors of the NX is that it will be a mixture of a home console and a portable console, where gamers can choose to play with it while on the go, but playing it at home will not be an issue either. Either way we guess we’ll have to wait and see, so do check back with us tomorrow for the official details.

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